Financial Advisors

Golf Builds Deep Bonds

Create the ultimate client experience for the golfers in your CRM. Start the day with a Lunch and Learn that builds the need for a coach in both their golf game and their financial plan. After lunch we’ll head to the practice facility to help your clients create a warm up plan that will maximize their opportunity for success. From the practice area we head to the first tee and enjoy the afternoon on the course. To complete the experience, each of your clients with receive a personalized game plan from Coach Andy that lays out a road map to playing their best golf.

Deepening the Advisor-Client Relationship

Financial planning and investing calls for patience and commitment. Golf has similar patterns to it. Each discipline teaches us humility and yet each one demands that we recognize the particular way that we excel. Working with Andy you’ll begin to see the emotional elements of wealth-building and portfolio management through a new lens. You’ll also learn how golf can be an excellent business-builder for your practice.