Golf Coaches and Academies

Maximize your opportunity with every new student

Improving as a golfer means modifying motor patterns and wholistically coaching every facet of the game. This generally takes months if not years. Sadly, most students must be convinced to take this route. To get their commitment and hold it takes refined selling skills. Golf coaches who learn them will prosper and enjoy their work to a degree that surprises them. Learning to sell means learning how much value and satisfaction a golfer derives from true improvement.

Align All Three

Coaching. Selling. Programming.

Fundamental to golf instruction success is a core of committed students who improve steadily over an extended period. They enter your lesson book through your “gateway” program, the New Student Assessment. You sell them on the training process and you may need to repeat that sales message over time. Meanwhile you have a large menu of clinics, schools, demo days, drop-in sessions and learning opportunities for couples, beginners, juniors and women.

Find out how to make these offerings coexist with your message about long-term coaching, in order that the players in a position to commit can find their way to long-term training without getting confused by the menu.