Our Happy Clients brag about us

Andy’s ability to look at pricing, programming and pre-booking in a coordinated way has helped me make this past year my best revenue year of my career. I now have a clear pathway for taking a new student on a comprehensive coaching journey.”

- Cheryl Anderson, Golf Digest Top 50 Best Teachers in America

You were prepared. You were on point. You were relentlessly engaged. You involved the group. You encourage questions. You embraced tough questions. You answered all questions. You entertained. You taught. John Wooden said “if the student does not learn, you have not taught”. Great job,

- Jim mcLean

In a word, Andy is FANTASTIC! His energy, his passion, his coaching experience, his business experience, his sales experience, his willingness to share, his genuine concern for our success, his kindness, his accessibility all make him a remarkable addition to The Proponent Group.

I have told you on more than one occasion, that I feel very fortunate to be a part of The Golf Channel and get the opportunity to work with you and your staff. And now I have to say the same for Andy and The Proponent Group. You made a great choice to bring him onto the team as your successor.
Mark Polich
PGA Professional
“After our conversation in November last year following the Summit in Dallas, we have created a game evaluation and lesson plans as you explained to me was necessary. We also follow the Sales process that you laid out to me on our call with the pre-framing phone call, etc…

The results have been dramatic and the effect on our bottom line is just unbelievable. January 2018 compared to January 2019, sales for lessons were up 172%. February was 224% up and March was 393% up. All I can say is, thanks again. This has been a game changer for us.”
Martin Du Toit
Golf Coach

Thanks for all your help!”

“IZG private lessons sales are up quite a bit from your help. We were up 60% in 2019 vs 2018 and I’m personally up 300% in 2020. That’s a good jump!!! Thanks for all your help!”
- Bobby Clampett
“Wanted to let you know I had a bit of a breakthrough this week. I sold my first 25-lesson package and then two days later sold my second 25-lesson package! I owe you a beer! Speak soon, Andy, and thanks again.”
Ian Clark
PGA Professional
“There is nothing more valuable to a company than a well educated sales staff that can connect their customers' pain points with the company's solution. Andy has the best training program I have seen for creating excellence in a companies sales process”
Joseph DiChiara
Golf Coach